Some Thoughts on a GM Bankruptcy: An NPR Interview

Got a cold call today from NPR's Alex Blumberg, host of NPR's Planet Money, who interviewed me about the prospects and pitfalls of a GM bankruptcy.  Here are links to the NPR podcast.  The interview begins a couple of minutes into the podcast.

Special thanks to Alex and NPR for the call and their plugging the blog!

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Written By:David On November 13, 2008 8:15 AM

I heard you on NPR. Given that GM's assets are all pledged and that they have no real recourse re: financing except the expensive DIP market, and, more importantly, that people are no longer buying GM products -- isn't this the perfect time for the government to come in and try to 'encourage' a merger with Chrysler or Ford? It seems to me we are at a crossroads here -- GM's built guzzlers designed to fall apart in 72 months for too long. It seems like the big 3 need kick-in-the-pants force-you-to-play-together pressure from the government to build real long-lasting, gas savings vehicles. We'll all hold on to our existing cars untill they get it straight. We need a new K-car and a couple of mergers - what do you think?

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