New Colonizers of the Bankruptcy Blogosphere

About a year ago, I was moved to start this blog primarily because of the surprising dearth of blogs that addressed bankruptcy-related issues.  Well, colonization of the bankruptcy blogosphere has increased significantly since.  Here are a few recent entrants that surely deserve your attention:

Credit Slips:  A Discussion on Credit and Bankruptcy:  This blog brings together seven strong academics, including Harvard's Elizabeth Warren and Univ. of Illinois's Bob Lawless, to discuss and debate "what does happen and what should happen when consumers and businesses borrow money."  Of course, anyone toiling in BAPCPA's consumer trenches knows well that there's a big disconnect between "what does happen" and "what should happen," so expect many quality posts from this cerebral bunch.

In the (Red):  The Business Bankruptcy BlogThis blog aims at helping non-bankruptcy professionals "stay informed about important business bankruptcy issues and developments."  I suspect that posts from the blog's founder, Bob Eisenbach of Cooley Godward LLP, also will provide bankruptcy professionals with lots of good material to ponder.

The Georgia Bankruptcy Law BlogAtlanta's Scott Riddle is equally obsessive in maintaining a current working knowledge of bankruptcy law, and invariably posts about new and interesting cases you're likely not to have heard about yet.

The latter two blogs, along with this blog and a host of others, are affectionately maintained by LexBlog, founded by Kevin O'Keefe, whose foresight, dedication, and good business sense have significantly contributed to the advancement of quality legal blogs.  Thanks again, Kevin.

Good luck to all!

Written By:Scott Riddle On July 26, 2006 1:19 PM

Thanks for the mention, Steve. I just found Bob's new "In the Red" Blog this morning, and added it to my feeds and links. Six months ago I had no idea all of these legal blogs were out there, and I stumbled on LexBlog and Kevin explained it all to me. I fear that my obsession with reading/summarizing all local cases, plus major ones in other districts, has set the bar a little high for myself, but it is an education and enjoyable (so far). Thanks for letting the rest of us crash the fun!